Written Prayer

Father. Maker of the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between. I am writing my prayer down to keep with me a tangible reminder of your greatness, your unending Grace and unconditional Love. When things are noicy, when I am away from this quiet spot. I despise the man I am. I want so much to be a living light amidst all the darkness, but inevitably I grow weak and fall back to my selfish impulses and desires. Only to end up here in these quiet moments begging your forgiveness, praying I do better tomorrow.
There is hope for me as long as I can persevere and continue to live with gratitude in my heart for all the blessings you have provided in spite of my selfish ways. Father I know the blood of your son Jesus Christ washes me white as snow every time I come to you in his name. I pray to the Holy Spirit that he may come to you and pray on my behalf for the needs in my heart, especially for those I am unaware of needing. I also pray that he might lead me and direct my ways in order to fulfill my purpose. I do not ask these things for my glory, but rather for Your Glory, for the Glory of Your Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth. May my life be pleasing in your site and may it be used as it was intended from the beginning. 

In the Name of Jesus Christ I pray.
Amen !


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