You think God doesn’t care

This has been helpful to me since I heard it for the first time only a few days ago.

Psalm 56:8New Living Translation

8 You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

Just as he has named every star, he has recorded every tear. Every tear, i have ever shed. Despite the reason, he was there, recording that moment. How close and Loving must our God be to record every tear we’ve ever cried. Yes he cares! He cares more than we can fathom! He Loves and does so unconditionally. You are never alone don’t believe lies just because his plans don’t always correspond to ours or to our time table. One day we may be basking in the midst of our creator reviewing His book and be in awe of the detailed accuracy of everything thata ever brought us to tears. He is with us during every sorrow and every joy. Keep crying,keep praying, keep listening, He is near, yesterday, today and forever. He Loves ALL of us, everyone, everwhere. Anyone can have this relationship if their request is sincere. Do your best, ask for forgiveness when you fail, ( and you will fail a lot). It doesn’t matter, keep remembering the verse above apply it and live it.



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