Suffering affects both parties

So, I was this weekend by my mother that she has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

The very words at first shocked me and I immediately started to question the diagnosis. There seems to be some sense of comfort in “doubt”. The diagnosis was done by a family physician, not a “real” expert. The Dr.’s demeanor as he informed my Mom was nonchalant as if he were telling her she had a cold. Upon telling her of his diagnosis, he quickly gathered his things and left the room without any additional commentary. My Mom wasn’t completely sure if she heard him correctly as she inquired to the nurse as to what steps she should take next.  “You’ll need to see a neurologist”. And just like that they had moved on to the next patient.

I am writing this, because of the thoughts racing through my mind at these moments.

The first is what has happened to common decency? When did empathy become acceptable? I find myself becoming more and more alienated as the sausage quo seems to reject compassion.

My other thoughts turn towards my Mom. I would do anything to trade places with her. She’s my Mom and I Love her so much. How much easier would it be, to be the sick one, rather than the servant. I don’t envy anyone suffering right now. Whether it’s physical sickness or emotional distress, a patient or a loved one. Suffering comes in a variety of ways and it affects those who Love the hardest.

As a patient or a caregiver.  I can feel and see God. In his Loving way, He took all of the world’s sin and chose to pay the price, to endure the suffering, out of Love. And yet, though he lives in paradise, God still cares and walks with each of his children through the Holy Spirit. He feels our joys and sorrows, and suffers with us as we look on and endure the suffering of one’s we love. In this respect God suffers twice.

I am thankful and give Praise and Thanksgiving that my Mom will have God in her corner to help her out with the challenges to come. I give Thanks and Praise that the same God is with me doing the same work in me. Thank You Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For without your love, I would be hopelessly distressed.