What I Learned in School

I learned the following song in school. I wonder how many of you recall it as well?

“The Lord’s been good to me!
And, so I thank the Lord!
For giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain, and the apple trees.
Yes! The Lord’s  been good to me”!

What’s wrong with this simple message?
I am sometimes amazed at the influence these type of stories had on my development as a child. I learned about graciousness, humility and faith. Someone decided these shouldn’t be part of child’s education. As a result there influence is being erased from our culture.
I am not one who thinks the “Good Ol’ Days” were all that great. There were a whole lot of folks suffering because of their race or gender. Still, there is much to be said about teaching the simple principles found in the Bible. Being thankful, counting blessings, instead of burdens, and fully appreciating who it is that has provided them.

“Thank you Lord for the things I Need”…..You have been so good to me.


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