Isolated at Church

Any Church that opens its doors has an obligation to be welcoming. The Church was designed to be an oasis in an otherwise hostile world. Nothing does more disservice to a faith based organisation than the hypocrisy of cliques. These groups that divide a congregation over family prominence,power struggles, politics and now even sports. There is hierarchy in the church. Members who are perceived to be more important than others and therefore are treated differently than others. As an outside observer I watched our Churches Easter celebration. My wife was unable to attend and that was really hard. My daughter and I went to enjoy the scenery and the egg hunt. I must say I was horribly disgusted at grown men and women that acted like it was a class reunion, or fashion show rather than a church event. The faces were Stearn, no one said hello or used any basic manners. I was and am so frustrated at hurt by what passes as acceptable in a church. The overwhelming response from anyone reading this is that, no one is forcing you to go, so why bother. My answer is that it is my church, I am a member and promised to be a supportive member. While I despise the behavior I saw today, I can not permit it go dissolve my passion for my house of worship.


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