Hide and Seek

Once a few decades ago, about 30 years or so, being about 10 Years old. Someone told me that if I were to seek God I would find him. And more importantly, when I found him i would live a life filled with joy. We even sang a very catchy song from a verse, straight out of the Bible. “Seek Ye First”. One day I decided that today was the day I was going to find him. I first went to our minister. Surely he could tell me where to find him. So I asked, “I am looking for God, can you tell me where he is?” With a big smile he responded, “God is everywhere, in everthing”. Look around at all he has created, there you will find him. Then along he went.

WHAT? That makes no sense!

So I tried my Sunday school teacher. She seemed to know a lot about the Bible. She had a new lesson every week. Surely she would have an idea about where I should look. Early one Sunday morning I approached her and again I asked. “I am seeking God, do you know where I can find him”? The teacher responded, “I can’t answer that for you. You see people find God at different times in their lives.” Then along she went.


At this point, I started to loose interest. It didn’t seem all that important and no one seemed to know where to find him. If God wanted me to find him, he sure was doing an awfully good job at hiding.

My next stop was my mom.. Mom, “do you know where God is”? “Well son, that’s why we go to church, to worship God, in God’s house”. Using the only knowledge I had, I looked up at her and said someone should tell the pastor, I don’t think he knows God lives there, and my teacher said he only works part time”.


Speed of life

I am at a baseball game watching my 10 year old nephew play baseball.  The sights and sounds bring back such nostalgia, that I can actually remember standing in the batters box where a new generation of kids are standing. Facing the same fears, a pitcher with some control issues. Back then it seemed every pitch came in so fast. I remember being scared to death of getting hit, the fear of striking out and missing my chance of glory.
My coach couldn’t stand a batter striking out watching a pitch. He always wanted us to take our swings. I can remember how intimidating standing in that box was, closing my eyes and swinging for the fence, hoping to make contact.
But now 30 years later, as a spectator, everything seems so slow. I see the ball more clearly as a 40 yr. old than I ever did as a player.
I can’t help but wonder what’s different? Maybe is that now, I have been through and experienced real fear, maybe it’s that I know the worst pain is usually emotional. Failure is only momentary, a new at bat is inevitable. Maybe it’s knowing success can’t be kept on a scoreboard. Maybe I just took the time to slow down, opened my eyes, and actually saw the ball.
People keep telling me, time moves faster the older you get. I don’t buy that. Time never changes, only your perspective.

Words helping others

Words That Will Help Others

by DIONNA SANCHEZ on JUNE 23, 2013

“ When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need – words that will help others become stronger. Then what you say will do good to those who listen to you.” Ephesians 4:29

Well, He couldn’t have instructed us any plainer, could He? We are not to say harmful things about others.

How often do we complain? Especially when it comes to others? We gripe about things they do that irritate us. We don’t speak in words that help those people become stronger and better. We only grumble.

We can protest and say that we don’t put others down and we don’t speak badly of them – at least in public. But what about at home? Do you talk to your husband about your feelings? Do you speak while your children are within earshot? Do you express frustrations about family members?

We all do. We all have people in our lives who rub us the wrong way. People who let us down. People who disappoint and frustrate us. People who probably DO need to make some changes in their hearts or lives. But how are we helping them by simply complaining?

We each have a choice. We can keep our thoughts to ourselves and take them to the Lord in prayer, or we can take action and do something to help the person who is the subject of our irritation. We can do or say something that will motivate them and encourage them to become stronger.

I want others to do good in the lives of those around me. I want others to respect me enough to listen to me. But it starts in my own heart and in my own home – with me doing good and with me being respectful.

I can make a difference. I can try to help someone else be better. Or I can complain. One might actually have a chance at impacting a life – the other one doesn’t even come close.


~ Dionna Sanchez (http://beautyinthestorm.blogspot.com)

Inspiring Collections

Inspiring Collections.

This blog was created in order to share and collect favorite Bible verses. I have my personal verses I look to for strength and guidance when things get a little bumpy. Others may have different verses that have the same effect. Some I may not know or remember. I hope you will share your verse here and maybe the circumstances behind its power. I am at a point where some inspiring thoughts certainly couldn’t hurt.

Please don’t post anything you don’t want reposted on other blogs.

I am no one’s advisor

I want to start this post by listing all the things I’m not. I am not a theologian, a counselor, a minister (at least not yet), a psychiatrist or any other educated or divinely gifted know it all. These posts are my thoughts, my observations. They are unedited because going back to change the language or verbiage of an older post might possibly change the original intent.

That being said, I have been very fortunate to have some folks take time out of their lives to read about my thoughts. In many ways, this is very humbling. I am just a stay at home Dad that lives on a farm and likes to write when things are quiet. Most of my thoughts are just as erratic as the weather. But I turn 39 this week, I spent over a decade as a corporate accountant, living only for me, until I was violently thrust back into a reality check. I now devote my time and effort to my family and community in order to build a relationship with my savior. During this transition I have endured countless obstacles,  questioned everything,  wanted to quit and become a hermit. And still after all this, I know my journey is really just beginning. 

I wrote this today, because I have responded to some people who have left remarks on my page. Some I may have offended. But I am NOT sorry, solidifying ones beliefs means having them challenged and listening to other points of view. Recently a fellow blogger opened my eyes to a new way of thinking I never could have accomplished on my own. I enjoy reading and responding to readers comments, I hope to see more. But please be open minded and considerate. We all come from different backgrounds and some have developed priorities of steel while others are still seeking theirs. No one has all the answers, I don’t, hope I don’t come across like I do. Please show the same respect to me.

Identifying my weaknesses

I am starting to realize that effort and passion are useless unless you have spent time developing a plan. But where to begin?

For me, my original objective was to grow closer to Christ and to develop my writing skills.

So before I even started, I had already laid a foundation for failure.These are two seperate objectives. Each requiring a different mental and spiritual approach.

I started out of the gates like always. Emotions running high,  thoughts coming and going at all hours of the day. I was in a creative state motioning about with a flurry of activity, accomplishing very little. I am a reactive person. Meaning I typically follow my heart with little or no thought before making decisions. I have always thought this to be a positive attribute. I was told early in life to trust your instincts, be bold and follow your passions. So I never considered my impulsiveness a weakness. Yet, I have come to realize, all of our talents must be developed. Each one of them takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. I believe that I have a calling, I believe, if given the chance I could inspire others because of the trials I have endured. I know their are others wrestling with persistent demons that prevent their spirit from rejoicing. Being robbed of their joy by uncontrollable stress or circumstance. I understand these moments I want to minister to those who are suffering. But I still have much to learn and have to remember that such things, if it be God’s will, happens when he decides. Rushing into things, even those perceived as holy can be an act of disobedience. Which will only estrange us from him. A place I have been before and hope never to revisit. So for now, this is my training and what’s really funny is I never planned to write these thoughts in my head down, it just kinda happened one day. Kinda Odd huh?

Dare to share

While I was reading other persons writing and it being Easter, numerous authors shared their favorite Bible verse and why it means so much.

It is my intentions to continue surfing other blogs for new inspirations. If you have a Bible verse that is your strength that you recite or lean on when obstacles arise. I would really enjoy hearing about your trial, tribylations and redemption. I can learn a great deal from the struggles and achievements of others, if allowed. I understand if these are private, but I know I still have so much to learn and pass on. With your help I can only get better.

I am learning so much

To those who have taken a valuable commodity, (your time) and used it to respond to my erratic thoughts, I truly thank you. There are some incredibly talented persons, much more professional than I who have helped with technique and focus. But then their are the folks operating on a level of faith and love, at this point I can only hope to achieve. If you have given your time to this blog, please know how much it is appreciated. I hope you will continue to mentor me along this journey.  May God Bless and keep each of you.

I am trying to get better

I keep writing hoping my words may inspire or at the very least promote some helpful suggestions. I get that most bloggers are writers searching for a larger audience.  Maybe I am as well,  if I were to be honest with myself. But I really am hoping that doors of communication will open and an honest exchanges of thoughts and experiences  can be shared by people searching for a relationship with God.  Maybe I’m just that naive to believe that can happen.